VTDC 2009 - The 3rd International Workshop on Virtualization Technologies in Distributed Computing

Welcome to the third edition of the VTDC workshop. VTDC'09 will be held on June 15, 2009, in Barcelona, Spain, in conjunction with ICAC'09 (The International Conference on Autonomic Computing and Communications)

Workshop scope

Virtualization has proven to be a powerful enabler in the field of distributed computing and has led to the emergence of the cloud computing paradigm and the provisioning of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). This new paradigm raises challenges ranging from performance evaluation of IaaS platforms, through new methods of resource management including providing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and energy- and cost-efficient schedules, to the emergence of supporting technologies such as virtual appliance management.

For the last three years, the VTDC workshop has served as a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences studying the challenges and opportunities created by IaaS/cloud computing and virtualization technologies. VTDC brings together researchers in academia and industry who are involved in research, development and planning activities involving the use of virtualization in the context of distributed systems, where the opportunities and challenges with respect to the management of such virtualized systems is of interest to the ICAC community at large.


VTDC 2009 topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Virtualization in data centers
  • Virtualization for resource management and QoS assurance
  • Security aspects of using virtualization in a distributed environment
  • Virtual networks
  • Virtual data, storage as a service
  • Fault tolerance in virtualized environments
  • Virtualization in P2P systems
  • Virtualization-based adaptive/autonomic systems
  • The creation and management of environments/appliances
  • Virtualization technologies
  • Performance modeling (applications and systems)
  • Virtualization techniques for energy/thermal management
  • Case studies of applications on IaaS platforms
  • Deployment studies of virtualization technologies
  • Tools relevant to virtualization

Technical Program

The tentative technical program is as follows:

  • Welcome and Introductions (9:15-9:30)
  • Session 1: Grids and Clouds (9:30-11:00)
    • A. Konstantinou, T. Eilam, M. Kalantar, A. Totok, W. Arnold, E. Snible, IBM Research, Hawthorne, NY, USA, "An Architecture for Virtual Solution Composition and Deployment in Infrastructure Clouds"
    • D. Wolinsky, Y. Liu, R. Figueiredo, University of Florida, USA, "Towards a Uniform Self-Configuring Virtual Private Network for Workstations and Clusters in Grid Computing"
    • A. Kertesz (MTA SZTAKI, Hungary), G. Kecskemeti (MTA SZTAKI), I. Brandic (Vienna University of Technology, Austria), "An SLA-based Resource Virtualization Approach for On-demand Service Provision"
  • Coffee Break (11:00-11:30)
  • Session 2: VM Migration (11:30-1:00)
    • S. Hacking, B. Hudzia, SAP Research, Belfast, "Improving Live Migration process of Large Enterprise Applications"
    • A. Nocentino, P. Ruth, University of Mississippi, USA, "Toward Dependency-Aware Live Virtual Machine Migration"
    • T. Hirofuchi, H. Nakada, H. Ogawa, S. Itoh, S. Sekiguchi, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan, "A Live Storage Migration Mechanism over WAN and its Performance Evaluation"
  • Lunch Break (1:00-2:30)
  • Session 3: Performance Characterization (2:30-4:00)
    • O. Khalid (CERN, Switzerlan), R. Anthony (U. Greenwich, UK), P. Nilsson (U. Texas, USA), K. Keahey (Argonne National Labs, USA), M. Schulz (CERN), K. Parrott (U. Greenwich), M. Petridis (U. Greenwich), "Enabling and Optimizing Pilot Jobs using Xen based Virtual Machines for the HPC Grid Applications"
    • J. Martinez, L. Wang, M. Zhao, S. Sadjadi, Florida International University, USA, "Experimental Study of Large-scale Computing on Virtualized Resources"
    • T, Tanaka, T. Tarui, K. Naono, Hitachi Ltd. Central Research Laboratory, Japan, "Investigating Suitability for Server Virtualization using Business Application Benchmarks"


The Third VTDC will take place in Barcelona, a city rich in culture, art, and technology - check the official Web site of the city of Barcelona and its Wikipedia entry for more information about Barcelona.

The meeting will be at the Campus Nord of the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya; more details about the venue and hotels are posted in the ICAC main site.


  • General Chair: Kate Keahey, University of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Program Chair: Renato Figueiredo, University of Florida
  • Steering Committee Chair: Jose A. B. Fortes, University of Florida
  • Program Committee:
    • Franck Cappello, INRIA
    • Jeff Chase, Duke University
    • Peter Dinda, Northwestern University
    • Ian Foster, University of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory
    • Dennis Gannon, Microsoft Research
    • Sebastien Goasguen, Clemson University
    • Sverre Jarp, CERN
    • John Lange, Northwestern University
    • Matei Ripeanu, University of British Columbia
    • Paul Ruth, University of Mississippi
    • Kyung Ryu, IBM
    • Chris Samuel, Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing
    • Frank Siebenlist, Argonne National Laboratory
    • Dilma da Silva, IBM
    • Mike Wray, HP
    • Dongyan Xu, Purdue University
    • Mazin Yousif, Avirtec
    • Ming Zhao, Florida International University
  • Publicity Chair:
    • Ming Zhao, Florida International University

Contact information

For more information, contact the program chair at: renato at acis.ufl.edu

Barcelona pictures - courtesy of Joan Serrat and the ICAC cyber chair.