Teaching notes

INSA  Rennes 2002/03/04/05/06/07/08/09/10  Master course 2nd year / 5INFO "Validation, Verification and Test"

INSA  Rennes 2010  Master course 1st year / 4INFO "Compilation"

IFSIC Rennes 2002/03/04/05/06/07/08/09  Research Master course  "Constraint-based testing"

EMN Nantes - 2008/09/10  Master course "Software Testing"

University of Nantes - 2010 - Seminar on "Constraint-Based Testing"

TAROT Summer school - 2007 - Autran  "Constraint-Based Testing"

Tcas experiments


Properties Euclide's file Counter-example
P1A P1A_proved.euc
P1B P1B_proved.euc
P2A P2A_proved.euc
P2B P2B_CE.euc P2B_TD.euc
P3A P3A_CE.euc P3A_TD.euc
P3B P3B_proved.euc
P4A P4A_CE.euc P4A_TD.euc
P4B P4B_CE.euc P4B_TD.euc
P5A P5A_proved.euc
P5B P5B_CE.euc P5B_TD.euc

Mutants of several C and Java programs

In C
In Java
bsearch (binary search in a sorted array) bsearch_1, bsearch_2, correct version
GetMid (find the middle of three integers) GetMid_1, GetMid_2, correct version GetMid_1, GetMid_2, correct version
trityp (find the type of a triangle) trityp_*.tar , correct version trityp_*.tar , correct version
min_nb (find the minimum value of an array)
 min_nb_1, min_nb_2, correct version