I am a Professor at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Until August 2017 I was a research scientist at INRIA in Rennes, France, where I led the DiverSE research group (EPI) since 2013. My research focuses on software design, testing and analysis. Most of my work is driven by empirical observations about software and how quality can be improved. I contribute in the areas of software testing, model-driven engineering, software metrics and more recently I started working on automatic software diversification.

I currently coordinate the European project DIVERSIFY, which gathers an interdisciplinar consortium in order to investigate the principles of diversity emergence in software applications. Software engineers and ecologists work together in order to transfer the biological processes that are at play to maintain biodiversity into software processes that transform web applications and diversify them. As part of this project, we also started the amiunique.org web site to inform about and investigate the diversity of browser fingerprints.


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