Ongoing work




Invited talks

  • A de novo approach to disentangle partner identity and function in holobiont systems, Advances techniques to study and exploit the sponge and coral microbiomes Workshop, ULB, Brussels, November 5th-7th
  • A highly scalable data structure for read similarity computation and its application to marine holobionts, EEB group meeting, Brussels (Belgium), July 8th 2018
  • CARNAC-LR: clustering genes expressed variants from long read RNA sequencing, team TIBS seminar, Rouen (France), February 27 2018
  • De novo Clustering of Gene Expressed Variants in Transcriptomic Long Reads Data Sets at workshop RNA-Seq and Nanopore sequencing, Evry (France), December 13 2017
  • Rconnector: a resource-frugal probabilistic dictionary and applications in (meta)genomics and transcriptomics, LBEE NGS group seminar, Lyon (France), February 16 2017




  • 2016/2017: Modelisation et ingenierie pour le vivant, 4eme et 5eme annee ecole d'ingenieur (M1/M2) INSA Rennes
  • 2016/2017: TD/TP Bases de Donnees, 2eme annee cycle prepa INSA Rennes
  • 2015 and 2016: Introduction to statistics, tests and R, L3 ENS Rennes
  • 2014/2015: TD Mathematiques pour les Sciences de la Vie, L1 Universite Lyon 1


  • 2018: Benjamin Churcheward (M2 internship), subject: Isoform prediction using long reads sequencing
  • 2017: Lolita Lecompte (M2 internship), subject: Conception and evaluation of a pipeline for de novo study of long reads in transcriptomics
  • 2014: Camille Sessegolo (L3 internship), subject: Improvements in the kissplice2refgenome software

Organization/tutorship in science events