Cloud security

  • SAIDS self-adaptive security monitoring system for IaaS clouds (PoC software)
  • AL-SAFE application level secure firewall (PoC software)

Cloud Computing

  • Diffuse – distributed framework for cloud-based epidemic simulation environments 
  • Resilin elastic Map/Reduce over multiple IaaS clouds (open source)
  • Contrail cloud software stack (open source)
  • Snooze self-organizing energy aware virtual machine manager for IaaS clouds (open source)
  • Virtual Execution Platform – VEP (open source)
  • Merkat: a platform allowing users of an organization to automatically manage and scale their applications while maximizing the infrastructure’s utilization.

Grid Computing

Cluster Computing

  • Kerrighed Linux-based single system image operating system (open source) – packaged as the SSI-OSCAR RPM and Debian packages for the OSCAR open source software suite for HPC clusters.
  • HA-PSLS (1998-2001): highly available parallel single level store system,  implementation in C  on top of Linux kernel, experimentation on a cluster of PCs interconnected by an SCI network. 9000 LOC in Java. Developed in collaboration with  Anne-Marie Kermarrec and Renaud Lottiaux. 
  • Icare (1994-1996): a  recoverable distributed shared memory system, implementation on top of Chorus micro-kernel on a network of PCs interconnected by an ATM network. Developed in the framework of Anne-Marie Kermarrec’s PhD thesis under my supervision.

Network Management

  • Magenta (1996 – 1998): an environment for executing fault-tolerant mobile agents in wireless networks, implementation in Java and native methods in C, experimentation in a network of heterogeneous workstations and portable PCs communicating through a GSM network, application of this technology to a network management platform (Astrolog). Developed in the framework of Akhil Sahai’s PhD thesis under my supervision.

Scalable Shared Memory Multiprocessor Architectures

  • Simulator of scalable shared memory architectures (1992 – 1994) developed to evaluate the Extended Coherence Protocol (ECP) proposed for fault-tolerant COMA multiprocessors.  Implementation in C++  on a Unix system. Developed in the framework of Alain Gefflaut’s PhD thesis under my supervision.

Networks of Workstations

  • GOTHIC reliable communication system (1988 – 1990): comprising of atomic multicast protocols for the implementation of the multiprocedure concept  in the GOTHIC distributed operating system.   Implementation in C, in the Spart operating system on a network of BULL/SPS7 multiprocessor machines. I developed this subsystem during my PhD thesis.