PhD Students

I am currently co-advising

  • three PhD students working on cloud security:
    • Amir Teshome Wonjiga (since Oct. 2015, co-advised with Louis Rilling): Definition and enforcement of Service Level Agreements for cloud security monitoring.
    • Pernelle Mensah (since Dec. 2015, co-advised with Eric Totel (Centrale-Supelec, IRISA/CIDRE team), Guillaume Piolle (Centrale-Supelec, IRISA/CIDRE team) and Samuel Dubus (Nokia)):  Security policy adaptation driven by risk evaluation in modern communication infrastructures.
    • Clément Elbaz (since Oct. 2017, co-advised with Louis Rilling): Relative security monitoring in clouds
  •  two PhD students working on green cloud computing:
    • David Guyon (since Sep. 2015, co-advised with A.-C. Orgerie): Supporting energy-awareness for cloud users.
    • Yasmina Bouizem, University of Tlemcen, Algeria,  (co-tutelle since Nov. 2016, co-advised with Nikos Parlavantzas, Djawida Dib (University of Tlemcen), and Fedoua Didi(University of Tlemcen)):  Energy efficient fault tolerance mechanisms for containerized applications.
  • a PhD student working on virtualized computing infrastructures:
    • Baptiste Goupille-Lescar (since Jan. 2016, co-advised with Eric Lenormand (Thales) and Nikos Parlavantzas (IRISA/Myriads team)): Designing agile, distributed cyber-physical systems with advanced collaboration capabilities

Former PhD students