Main teaching activities

My main teaching activities are closely related to my research areas.
The active or recent courses I’m giving are.

  • Performance Evaluation
  • Dependability Analysis
    • Where: engineering school Supelec, last year, ISA option
    • Keywords: dependability analysis of structured systems (static and dynamic models, reliability, availability, and variants)
    • Course site
  • Introduction to Simulation
    • Where: engineering school Telecom Bretagne, last year + Master students
    • Keywords: discrete event simulation from inside
    • Course site
  • Introduction to Neural Networks
    • Where: engineering school Ensai
    • Keywords: supervised learning with Neural Networks
    • Course site
  • Introduction to Quality of Experience
    • Where: ESIR (engineering school in the university of Rennes 1), first year and in the Professional Master
    • Keywords: Perceptual Quality, Quality of Experience, concepts, measuring techniques, ope problems
  • Scalable networks’ infrastRuctures for optimized services’ delivery (SNI)
    • Where: Master in Computer Science, university of Rennes 1
    • with Yassine-Hadjadj-Aoul
    • Keywords: video compression, caching performance, simulation techniques, performance evaluation, P2P streaming

Some past or occasional activities

Some courses taught in past years:

  • Markov models in dependability
  • Performance evaluation of networks
  • Markovian models
  • Network planning
  • Probability theory