Pr. Jean-François Lalande

I am now Professor at CentraleSupélec (Professeur des Universités), in the Inria CIDRE team.

My areas of interest are the security of operating systems, the security of C embedded software (e.g. smart cards) and the security of Android applications.

I work on Android malware analysis, access control policies, and software code analysis.

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Research projects

I have participated to these research projects:

  • PEPR DefMal (2022-2028): Defense Against Malware
  • CominLabs Kharon (2014-2018): Discovering Android Malware with Information Flow Monitoring
  • ANR LYRICS (2011-2015): Lightweight privacY-enhancing cRyptography for mobIle Contactless Services. In this project I am focused on the security of Android applications involved in NFC transactions.
  • ANR AGAPE (2009-2012): Parameterized and exact graph algorithms. In this project I work on the implementation and benchmarking of exponential graph algorithms.

Conference and workshop organization

Technical Program Committees

About Me

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