Julien Pettré 

Inria Research Scientist
Member of the Inria Lagadic research team


Short Bio

Julien Pettré is research scientist at INRIA, the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control (www.inria.fr) since 2006. He received M.S. degree in 2000. He prepared his thesis under the supervision of Jean-Paul Laumond and obtained his Ph.D. in 2003 from the University of Toulouse III in France. He then spent one 18 months post doc at VRlab, EPFL, Switzerland, headed by Daniel Thalmann. At INRIA in Rennes, he is now part of the Lagadic research team headed by François Chaumette. His research interests are : crowd simulation, motion planning, autonomous virtual humans, computer animation and virtual reality.

Research Topics

crowd simulation: realistic crowd modeling, interactive crowd simulation, evaluation of crowd simulation algorithms and models.
motion planning: crowd motion planning, human locomotion planning, human motion planning, probabilistic roadmap methods, decomposition-based methods
virtual reality: real / virtual humans interactions, realistic walking in virtual world

Selected Papers (google scholar page for more)

Group Modeling: A Unified Velocity-Based Approach. Z. Ren, P. Charalambous, J. Bruneau, Q. Peng, J. Pettré. Computer Graphics Forum (CGF) to appear. 2016. [pdf][doi][Youtube]

Perceptual effect of shoulder motions on crowd animations.
L. Hoyet, A.-H. Olivier, R. Kulpa, J. Pettré. ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 35 (4), 53. 2016. [pdf][doi][Youtube]

Contact re-positioning under large environment deformation. 
S. Tonneau, R. Al-Ashqar, J. Pettré, T. Komura, N. Mansard. Computer Graphics Forum 35 (2) (Eurographics 2016), 2016 [pdf][YouTube]

Fast Grasp Planning Using Cord Geometry.
Y Li, JP Saut, J Pettré, A Sahbani, F Multon. Robotics, IEEE Transactions on, 31 (6), 1393-1403. 2015. [pdf][doi]

Energy-efficient mid-term strategies for collision avoidance in crowd simulation  J Bruneau, J Pettré. Proceedings of the 14th ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation. 2015. [pdf][doi][YouTube]

Biologically-Inspired Visual Simulation of Insect Swarms. W Li, D Wolinski, J Pettré, M C Lin. Computer Graphics Forum 34 (2), 425-434 (Eurographics 2015). 2015. [pdf][doi][YouTube]

Going through, going around: A study on individual avoidance of groups.  J Bruneau, AH Olivier, J Pettré. Visualization and Computer Graphics, IEEE Transactions on 21 (4), 520-528 (IEEE VR 2015). 2015. [pdf][doi][YouTube]

Using task efficient contact configurations to animate creatures in arbitrary environments. S Tonneau, J Pettré, F Multon. Computers & Graphics, 45. 2014. [pdf][doi][YouTube]

Parameter estimation and comparative evaluation of crowd simulations. D Wolinski, S J Guy, AH Olivier, M Lin, D Manocha, J PettréComputer Graphics Forum 33 (2), 303-312 (Eurographics 2014). 2014. [pdf][doi][YouTube]

Crowd sculpting: A space‐time sculpting method for populating virtual environments. K Jordao, J Pettré, M Christie, MP Cani. Computer Graphics Forum 33 (2), 351-360 (Eurographics 2014). 2014. [pdf][doi][YouTube]

Collision avoidance between two walkers: Role-dependent strategies. AH Olivier, A Marin, A Crétual, A Berthoz, J Pettré. Gait & posture 38 (4), 751-756. 2013. [pdf][doi]

Inserting virtual pedestrians into pedestrian groups video with behavior consistency. Z Ren, W Gai, F Zhong, J Pettré, Q Peng The Visual Computer 29 (9), 927-936. 2013. [pdf][doi]

Kinematic evaluation of virtual walking trajectories.
G Cirio, A Olivier, M Marchal, J Pettré. Visualization and Computer Graphics, IEEE Transactions on 19 (4), 671-680 (IEEE VR 2013). 2013. [pdf][doi]

Properties of pedestrians walking in line. II. Stepping behavior. A Jelic, C Appert-Rolland, S Lemercier, J PettréPhysical Review E 86 (4), 46111. 2012. [pdf][doi]

Properties of pedestrians walking in line: Fundamental diagrams. A Jelic, C Appert-Rolland, S Lemercier, J PettréPhysical Review E 85 (3), 36111. 2012. [pdf][doi]

Minimal predicted distance: A common metric for collision avoidance during pairwise interactions between walkers. AH Olivier, A Marin, A Crétual, J Pettré. Gait & posture 36 (3), 399-404. 2012. [pdf][doi]

Cloning crowd motions. Y Li, M Christie, O Siret, R Kulpa, J Pettré. Proceedings of the ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation. 2012. [pdf][doi][YouTube]

Realistic following behaviors for crowd simulation. S Lemercier, A Jelic, R Kulpa, J Hua, J Fehrenbach, P Degond, C Appert, S Donikian, J Pettré. Computer Graphics Forum 31 (2pt2), 489-498 (Eurographics 2012). 2012. [pdf][doi][YouTube]

Imperceptible relaxation of collision avoidance constraints in virtual crowds. R Kulpa, A.-H. Olivier, J. Ondřej, J Pettré. ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 30 (6), 138. [pdf][doi][YouTube]

A synthetic-vision based steering approach for crowd simulation. J Ondřej, J Pettré, AH Olivier, S Donikian. ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 29 (4), 123. [pdf][doi][YouTube]

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