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Laurent Amsaleg received his PhD in June 1995 from the University of Paris 6, France. He worked at INRIA with Patrick Valduriez from 1989 to October 1995 where his research interests were including relational and object-oriented databases, garbage collection, object clustering, operating systems, micro-kernels and single-level stores.

He then spent 18 months in the Database group of the University of Maryland (MD, USA), designing flexible database query execution strategies (Query Scrambling). This work proposed a novel approach to the execution of queries against a wide-area information system where the response time of accessing data from individual information sources and the availability of those sources vary in unpredictable ways.

Then, he got a full-time research position at CNRS, joined the IRISA lab in Rennes (France).

Laurent Amsaleg's research interests include the database and system sides of content-based retrieval systems, e.g., multi-dimensional indexing, prefetching, caching, and other low-level functions.

Recently, Laurent turned his focus to security problems. With Ewa Kijak, Teddy Furon and Thanh-Toan Do, we proved that a real system fails to match a specifically attacked image and its quasi-copy, breaking its otherwise excellent copyright protection performances. This very serious threat is a strong motivation for investigating in greater depth the many issues related to the security of content-based systems. Laurent is also happy to work on intrinsic dimensionality with Michael Houle and other colleagues (Milos Radovanovic, Arthur Zimek, Vincent Oria) as well as on Multimedia Analytics with Björn Þór, Marcel Worring and Guillaume Gravier.

Laurent defended his "Habilitation à diriger des recherches" on November, 21, 2014. Check the manuscript and the video recording of the defense!. Building on that defense, Laurent also organized a two mornings workshop discussing Similarity, K-NN, Dimensionality, Multimedia Databases. Some talks were videotaped. Check them here.