TEDdy Furon


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(A=teddy and B=furon)

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INRIA Rennes

Campus Universitaire de Beaulieu

35042 Rennes Cedex


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+33 299 847 198

I am a researcher employed by INRIA, in the LinkMedia team headed by Laurent Amsaleg. My fields of interest are digital watermarking, passive fingerprinting (a.k.a. traitor tracing), security of Content Based Image Retrieval and more broadly security issues related to multimedia content.

I received the DEA degree (M.Sc.) in digital communication in 1998 and the Ph.D degree in signal and image processing in 2002, both from Telecom ParisTech. From 1998 to 2001, I was a research engineer in the Security Lab of THOMSON multimedia, Rennes, France, working on digital watermarking in the framework of copy protection. I continued working in this field as a postdoctoral researcher at the TELE Lab of the Universite Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la Neuve, Belgium. From Sept. 2008 to Jan. 2010, I worked in the Security Labs of Technicolor.

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March 2021: Recruiting for the Chaire SAIDA

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