PhD students
Patrick GARUS, in collaboration with Orange Labs (2019-now)
Tom BACHARD (2021-now)
Rémi PIAU (2021-now)
Kai GU (2021-now)
Reda KAAFARANI, in collaboration with Mediakind (2021-now)

Postdoctoral researchers
Anju Jose TOM (2020-now)

Research engineers
Sébastien BELLENOUS (2020-now)

Master students
Tom Bordin (2022-now)


Former PhD students
Mira RIZKALLAH (2016-2019), Assistant Professor at Centrale Nantes
Navid MAHMOUDIAN-BIDGOLI (2016-2019), CEO of Anax start-up (currently in the Inria Start-up Studio)

Former postdoctoral researchers
Mai Quyen Pham (2018-2019), Assistant Professor at IMT Atlantique
Xin SU (2015-2018), Assistant Professor at Wuhan University, China
Fatma HAWARY (2019-2020), researcher at Barco, Vancouver, Canada

Former research engineers
Cédric LE CAM (2016-2018), engineer at Ariadnext
Antoine CRINIERE (2016-2018), engineer at Alyotec

Former master students
Fatma NASIRI (2018), now PhD student at B-COM/Aviwest
Alban MARIE (2020), now PhD student at IETR, Rennes
Tom BACHARD (2021), now PhD student
Rémi PIAU (2021), now PhD student