[Sep. 2015] Attending GRETSI and ICIP

In September 2015, I am attending GRETSI and ICIP conferences that takes place respectively in Lyon (France) and Quebec (Canada).

I present three papers:

◊ A. Roumy, T. Maugey, Compression et interactivité : étude de la navigation au récepteur, GRETSI, Lyon, France, Sep. 2015.

◊ T. Maugey, and P. Frossard, C. Guillemot, Guided inpainting with cluster-based auxiliary information, IEEE ICIP, Quebec, Canada, Sep. 2015.

◊ A. Roumy, T. Maugey, Universal lossless coding with random user access: the cost of interactivity, IEEE ICIP, Quebec, Canada, Sep. 2015. Top 10% papers