You can find here some codes that can be dowloaded for research purpose only. Any commercial use of these files is thus forbidden. Please cite the corresponding papers, if these codes have helped for a publication.

Feel free to contact me for any question.

  • Graph-based representation (GBR) construction (download (Matlab) )
    ♦ image_to_GBR.m: builds the graph-based representation from rectified multiple images and their disparity maps
    ♦ GBR_to_image.m: reconstruct the multi-view images from a given GBR data
    ♦ script_template.m: shows how to run the functions above 

    Please cite the following paper: T. Maugey, A. Ortega, P. Frossard, Graph-based representation for multiview image geometry in IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Vol. 24, p. 1573-1586, 2015.