Assia Mahboubi

I am a tenured researcher (chargée de recherche) at Inria, in the Gallinette team, Nantes, France. I am also an endowed professor in the Algebra and Number Theory section of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

My research interests revolve around the foundations and formalization of mathematics in type theory and the automated verification of mathematical proofs. In particular, I am interested in the new insights that one often gets on familiar mathematical objects when looking for their most adequate formal representation for the purpose of computer-aided proof checking. I also have a special interest for the interplay between computer algebra and formal proofs, and more generally for computer-aided mathematics. I am a happy, intensive user of the Coq interactive proof assistant, and a lead developer of the Mathematical Components libraries.

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  • I will be offline from May 23th 2021 to October 1st 2021.
  • I have given a talk at the the School of Computer and Cyber Sciences (CCS) Colloquium Series, Augusta University.
  • I have given a talk at the OWLS seminar.
  • Our paper "Unsolvability of the Quintic Formalized in Dependent Type Theory" has been accepted for publication in the proceedings of the ITP'21 conference.
  • I have defended my habilitation thesis (HDR) on January 5th 2021.
  • I have obtained an ERC Consolidator grant for the FRESCO (Fast and Reliable Symbolic Computation) project.
  • The 1st version of the Mathematical Components book is out!


Current members:

  • Marie Kerjean (postdoc, differential logic and formalization of mathematics) Marie is now a permanent CNRS researcher in the LIPN lab.
  • Enzo Crance (PhD candidate, automation for interactive theorem provers, co-supervisor: Denis Cousineau)
  • Martin Baillon (PhD candidate, syntactic models of type theory and continuity principles, co-supervisor: Pierre-Marie Pédrot)


My publications are listed and archived on HAL. My DBLP page is here.


  • Here is the web page of the course "Machine-Checked Mathematics" at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
  • I taught an introductory course to Coq at the Coq Andes Summer School, in San José del Maipo, Chile.


  • Mathématiques assistées par ordinateur, Collège de France, 2018.

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Assia Mahboubi
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