Main research topics

  • Markov processes. I develop different activities around the analysis of Markov models from different viewpoints and in different application areas. I am interested in the methodological aspects of Markov chain theory, for instance, for evaluating large models, either numerically or using Monte Carlo techniques.
  • Perceptual quality and the PSQA technology. I developed the PSQA technology for measuring the perceptual quality of applications or services running on the Internet, automatically, accurately and in real-time if necessary.
  • Performance evaluation of networks. I work on the analysis of the performance of different types of networking systems: access networks in a mobile architecture, optical infrastructures with and without wavelength conversion, peer-to-peer systems.
  • Machine Learning. As a side effect of my work on Perceptual Quality assessment, I started research work on Machine Learning tools, in general around the concept of Random Neural Network. I have also started work on the use of these types of tools for the analysis of some cognitive human pathologies (namely, the semantic dementia).