Ludovic Hoyet
Chargé de Recherche Inria
Habilité à Dirigé les Recherches (HDR)
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About me

I am currently a full-time Researcher at Inria Rennes, working in the VirtUs team. I was previously working as a Research Fellow in Trinity College Dublin, under the supervision of Pr. Carol O'Sullivan on the SFI CAPTAVATAR project (Jan. 2011 - Dec. 2014). I received my PhD from INSA de Rennes in November 2010, under the supervision of Pr. Franck Multon (University of Rennes 2, M2S lab) and Dr. Taku Komura (University of Edinburgh, IPAB).

Research interests

My research activities target the efficient real-time simulation of virtual characters based on relevant perceptual features. As there is yet to find approaches providing a good balance between computation time, controllability and realism, I focus on approaches producing perceptually-plausible motions by exploiting what is perceived to be natural, in order to provide animation guidelines and drive the design of novel animation methods.

Recruiting students

I am currently looking for Phd candidates, postdocs and interns. You can contact me if you are interested in working on analysis, synthesis or perception of human motion.

We are also recruiting master students, and have a couple of internship subjects ready for those interested on Virtual Crowds, Facial Animation, Avatars, and Character Animation in general.