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Hervé Jégou

Email: (replace A by herve and B by jegou)

   INRIA, Campus Universitaire de Beaulieu
   35042 Rennes Cedex

Tel: +33 299 842 272

I am a researcher employed by Inria. I am a former student of the Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan, holding a M.S. (2002) and PhD (2005) from University of Rennes I. During my PhD, I worked on error-resilient compression and joint source channel coding. After that, I turned out to Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. I joined the LEAR group (INRIA Grenoble) as a permanent researcher in 2006, and moved to INRIA Rennes in 2009.

My work is mainly focused on computer vision, with most of my contributions focused on large scale indexing techniques (vectors/images/video), focusing on compressed-domain search techniques that scale from millions to billions of vectors/images such as product quantization, that I proposed to search in a compressed set of vectors without decompressing it.



  • VIAMASS, 2015-2019. ERC starting grant focused on very large image databases.
  • Fire-id, 2012-2015. ANR project on fine-grain recognition in large image databases, jointly with Xerox.
  • Quaero, 2008-2013. Automatic analysis and classification of multimedia and multilingual documents. I am involved in image and video search.
  • ICOS-HD, 2007-2010. ANR project on indexation and scalable compression for high-definition video content.
  • RAFFUT, 2007-2009. ANR project on large-scale video indexing for copyright enforcement. Jointly with Advestigo.

Students and collaborators


Ph.D. students

  • Ahmet Iscen, 2014- co-advised with T. Furon
  • Mihir Jain, 2011-2014, co-advised with P. Gros
  • Simon Malinowski, 2005-2008, co-advised with C. Guillemot

Visiting PhD students

Internships (3-12 months) from students making a PhD in a foreign University.

  • Miaojing Shi (Pekin University), 2014
  • Giorgos Tolias (NTUA), 2012-2013
  • Michele Trevisiol (Yahoo Research Barcelona), 2012, co-advised with G. Gravier
  • Jiangbo Yuan (Florida State University), 2011, co-advised with G. Gravier

Undergraduate students

  • Vedran Vukotic, M.Sc. University of Zagreb, FER, 2014, co-advised with A. Bursuc
  • Ahmet Iscen, M.Sc. Bilkent University, 2014, co-advised with P-H. Gosselin and G. Tolias
  • Agni Delvinioti, M.Sc. NTUA, 2013, co-advised with L. Amsaleg
  • Amélie Royer, B.S. ENS Rennes, 2013, co-advised with T. Furon
  • Esteban Frossard, B.S. ENS Cachan Bretagne, 2012, co-advised with T. Furon
  • Philippe Weinzaepfel, B.S. ENS Cachan Bretagne, 2010, co-advised with P. Pérez
  • Harsimrat Sandhawalia, M.S. Université Joseph Fourier, 2008-2009
  • François Visconte, M.E., 2007-2008 Université Joseph Fourier, co-advised with M. Douze
  • Sameh Hamrouni, M.S. ENSI Tunis, 2007-2008, co-advised with C. Schmid
  • Hedi Harzallah, M.S. ENSI Tunis, 2006-2007, co-advised with C. Schmid
  • Adrien Fontvielle, M.S. Ensimag, 2008, co-advised with M. Douze

Research engineers


Joanne, Hermine and Mika