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Hervé Jégou


I am a former student of the Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan, holding a M.S. (2002) and PhD (2005) from University of Rennes I. During my PhD, I worked on error-resilient compression and joint source channel coding. After that, I turned out to Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. I joined the LEAR group (INRIA Grenoble) as a permanent researcher in 2006, and moved to INRIA Rennes in 2009. I am not anymore at Inria.

My work is mainly focused on computer vision, with most of my contributions focused on large scale indexing techniques (vectors/images/video), focusing on compressed-domain search techniques that scale from millions to billions of vectors/images such as product quantization, that I proposed to search in a compressed set of vectors without decompressing it.

Selected posts


  • VIAMASS, 2014-2015. ERC starting grant focused on very large image databases.
  • Fire-id, 2012-2015. ANR project on fine-grain recognition in large image databases, jointly with Xerox.
  • Quaero, 2008-2013. Automatic analysis and classification of multimedia and multilingual documents. I am involved in image and video search.
  • ICOS-HD, 2007-2010. ANR project on indexation and scalable compression for high-definition video content.
  • RAFFUT, 2007-2009. ANR project on large-scale video indexing for copyright enforcement. Jointly with Advestigo.

Students and collaborators


Ph.D. students

  • Ahmet Iscen, 2014- co-advised with T. Furon
  • Mihir Jain, 2011-2014, co-advised with P. Gros
  • Simon Malinowski, 2005-2008, co-advised with C. Guillemot

Visiting PhD students

Internships (3-12 months) from students making a PhD in a foreign University.

Undergraduate students

  • Vedran Vukotic, M.Sc. University of Zagreb, FER, 2014, co-advised with A. Bursuc
  • Ahmet Iscen, M.Sc. Bilkent University, 2014, co-advised with P-H. Gosselin and G. Tolias
  • Agni Delvinioti, M.Sc. NTUA, 2013, co-advised with L. Amsaleg
  • Amélie Royer, B.S. ENS Rennes, 2013, co-advised with T. Furon
  • Esteban Frossard, B.S. ENS Cachan Bretagne, 2012, co-advised with T. Furon
  • Philippe Weinzaepfel, B.S. ENS Cachan Bretagne, 2010, co-advised with P. Pérez
  • Harsimrat Sandhawalia, M.S. Université Joseph Fourier, 2008-2009
  • François Visconte, M.E., 2007-2008 Université Joseph Fourier, co-advised with M. Douze
  • Sameh Hamrouni, M.S. ENSI Tunis, 2007-2008, co-advised with C. Schmid
  • Hedi Harzallah, M.S. ENSI Tunis, 2006-2007, co-advised with C. Schmid
  • Adrien Fontvielle, M.S. Ensimag, 2008, co-advised with M. Douze

Research engineers


Joanne, Hermine and Mika