About me

I am currently ATER (Attaché Temporaire d'Enseignement et de Recherche) at Univ Rennes 1. I did my PhD at INRIA Rennes, team SUMO starting on september 1, 2016 and defended on december 2, 2019. Before that, I was at ENS Rennes between 2011 and 2015 in IT section, where I received a Master in Computer Science and a Bachelor in Mathematics. During 2015-2016, I took a year for myself and gave classes in middle school (mathematics).

My PhD thesis documents:

These three years made me produce one big document: the thesis itself! I put it here so anyone interested can read it. I also put the slides Here is the thesis, and here are the slides I used for the defense.

There you can find:

Research interests:

My main interest is formal methods, in the broad sense. I like to think that "everything" should be proved or guaranteed in some ways.

In my thesis, I focus on stochastic models, such as Markov Chains, Hidden Markov Models, Markov Decision Processes and more. I work on proving properties on such systems such as diagnosability, opacity, and conformity wrt complex properties (generally expressed in some temporal logic).

I am also interested in model checking, learning, timed systems, abstract interpretation, proof assistants...