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I am an Inria research scientist within the Myriads team. Before that I was a member of the STACK team. I was a PhD. student working with Prof. Hai Jin in the Services Computing Technology and System Laboratory (SCTS) at Huazhong University of Science & Technology (HUST). From November 2011 to September 2013, I was a Post-Doc researcher within the KerData team working on scalable Big Data managements on clouds. Since October 2013, I was hired as a permanent research scientist at Inria. I have several years of experience with academic research at HUST, Inria research center and Microsoft research center in Asia.

I regularly serve as a Program committee member for international conferences in cloud, HPC and parallel and distributed systems (ACM/IEEE SC, IEEE ICDCS, IEEE IPDPS , IEEE ICPP, IEEE Cluster, ACM/IEEE CCGrid). Moreover, I have served as a General chair for the 6th International Parallel Data Systems Workshop; as a General co-chair for the 6th IEEE International Conference on Smart Data; and as Program chair for the 5th International Parallel Data Systems Workshop and the 2018 IEEE International Congress on Big Data; as a Program co-chair for the 23rd IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications, the 2019 IEEE BigDataSE, the 2019 IEEE International Conference on Smart Data, the CEBDA 2018 Workshop, the 2017 ICA3PP conference, the 2017 EBDMA Workshop, the PhD consortium of the 2014 CloudCom conference; as the Workshop co-chair for ScalCom 2014 and ICDCS 2020; and as Publicity co-chair for ICPP 2021. Most recently I am serving as a steering committee member for the International Parallel Data Systems Workshop, as track co-chair for the Software track of ICPP 2022, as a program vice-chair of the 2022 IEEE International Conference on Digital Twin, as Publicity co-chair for SBAC-PAD 2022, and as an associate editor for the IEEE Internet Computing magazine.

My current research interests are in cloud and Fog/Edge computing, scalable Big data management, Data- Intensive computing, HPC, virtualization technology, and file and storage systems. My papers are published in prestigious international journals (such as IEEE TPDS, IEEE TBD, ACM ToPC, ACM TOMPECS and FGCS) and proceedings (such as ACM/IEEE SuperComputing, IEEE ICDCS, IEEE IPDPS, ACM VEE, ACM/IEEE CCGrid, IEEE Cluster and ICPP). I am the recipient of the IEEE TCSC Award for Excellence in Scalable Computing (Middle Career Researcher) in 2020. I am currently leading the ANR KerStream project and the Hermes Inria-LBNL associate team. I am a Senior member of the ACM and of IEEE.

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