peterlongo pierre

Inria Research Director (Directeur de recherches)
Habilitaded to Supervise Research (HdR) since 2006
Leader of the GenScale team

Twitter: @p_peterlongo

Associate editor of the Interstices journal.

Main Research Topics

I’m designing models and algorithms for sequencing (NGS & TGS) data.

My interests mainly cover areas of metagenomics and biological information extraction from raw NGS dataset, for non-model species. I lead a project, SeqDigger, which aim is to index genomic datasets.


See dedicated web page

Current Ph.D. Students

Former (Official) Ph.D. Students & post-docs

Previous post-docs & engineers

On going projects

  • SeqDigger: Search engine for genomic sequencing data
  • ITN Alpaca: ALgorithms for PAngenome Computational Analysis

Previous projects

  • Hydrogen: design new statistical and computational tools dedicated to comparative metagenomic
  • Colib’read: Calling biological information from raw reads
  • Inria Project Lab (IPL) Neuromarkers:  Statistical and computational models of imaging and omics data for neurodegenerative diseases


Animator of one of the scientific axes of the GDR BIM group of research.
Former member of the SFBI board.

Editorial Committee of the Interstices journal.

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