Current projects:

    Project P22 with Alstom Transport

    P22 is a project from the joint ALSTOM/INRIA LAb, and considers regulation in urban train systems. More details can be found on this page

    ANR Headwork (2016-2020)

    The Headwork ANR (Human-Centric Data-oriented WORKflows,) was accepted in 2016.

    Partners: IRISA (DRUID), ENS ULM (VALDA), Inria \sumo, INRIA Lille (LINKs), MNHN, Foule Factory.

    The objective of this project is to develop techniques to facilite development, deployment, and monitring of crowd-base participative applications. This requires handling complex workflows with multiple participants, incertainty in data collections, incentives, skills of contributors, ... To overcome these challenges, Headwork will define rich workflows with multiple participants, data and knowledge models to capture various kind of crowd applications with complex data acquisition tasks and human specificities. We will also address methods for deploying, verifying, optimizing, but also monitoring and adapting crowd- based workflow executions at run time.

Past Projects

National projects

  • ANR Impro (2011-2014): Study of robustness of high-level models with respect to implementation choices.
    Partners : IRCCyN (Nantes), IRISA (ENS Rennes), INRIA Rennes, LIP6 (Paris), LSV (Cachan), LIAFA (Paris), and LIF (Marseille).

  • ANR DOTS (2007-2011): formal models for open, distributed and timed systems.
    The partners for this ANR were IRCCyN (Nantes), IRISA (ENS Rennes), INRIA Rennes, LaBRI (Bordeaux), LAMSADE (Paris), and LSV (Cachan).

  • RNRT Persiform (2004-2008): Cooperation with France Télécom and Verimag. Development of a tool chain for performance evaluation from high-level models (UML diagrams and high-level MSCs).

  • ANR Docflow (2007-2011): Analysis, monitoring and optimisation of documents and services distributed on the Web. ANR project with INRIA Futurs and LABRI (Bordeaux). Partners : LABRI, LSV.
    Create Activdoc (2008-2011): Regional grant from région Bretagne. Support for the ANR docflow (see above)

  • ACI Potestat(2004-2007): Project from the Security ACI.
    Partners : LSR/IMAG and VERIMAG on formal modeling of security policies for networks and telecommunication systems.
  • European projects

  • Itea Café (2001-2003) : European project on software product lines.