PhD Students

Yasmina Bouizem, Fault tolerance in FaaS Environments,  co-advised with Nikos Parlavantzas (IRISA/INSA Rennes), Djawida Dib (University of Tlemcen), and Fedoua Didi (University of Tlemcen), PhD defended in June 2022.

Clément Elbaz (2017-2021) Reacting to “N-Day” Vulnerabilities in Information Systems, co-advised with Louis Rilling (DGA-MI), now R&D engineer at DGA-MI, France.

Baptiste Goupille-Lescar (2016-2018) Designing agile, distributed cyber-physical systems with advanced collaboration capabilities, co-advised with Eric Lenormand (Thales – TRT, Saclay) and Nikos Parlavantzas (INSA Rennes), hired as security engineer at Thales, Cholet before finishing his PhD thesis manuscript.

Pernelle Mensah (2015 – 2019)  Generation and Dynamic Update of Attack Graphs in Cloud Providers Infrastructures , co-advised with Guillaume Piolle (Centrale-Supelec), Eric Totel (Centrale-Supelec), Samuel Dubus (Nokia), now at Nokia R&I, France.

Amir Teshome Wonjiga (2015 – 2019) User-centric security monitoring in cloud environments, co-advised with Louis Rilling (DGA-MI), now R&D engineer in a start-up in France.

David Guyon (2015-2018) Supporting energy-awareness for cloud users, co-advised with Anne-Cécile Orgerie (CNRS), last known position: postdoctoral researcher at IMT-Atlantique, Nantes, France.

Anna Giannakou (2014-2017) Self-adaptable Security Monitoring for IaaS Cloud Environments, co-advised with Louis Rilling (DGA-MI) & Jean-Louis Pazat (INSA Rennes), now staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA.

Ismael Cuadrado Cordero (2013-2017), Microclouds: An Approach for a Network-Aware Energy-Efficient Decentralized Cloud, co-advised with Anne-Cécile Orgerie (CNRS), now cloud engineer at EUMETSAT, Darmstadt, Germany.

Djawida Dib (2011-2014), Optimizing Provider Profit under Service Level Agreement Constraints, now assistant-professor, Tlemcen University, Algeria.

Stefania Costache (2010-2013), Market Autonomous Resource and Application Management in the Cloud, co-advised with Samuel Kortas (EDF) and Nikos Parlavantzas (INSA Rennes), now Vice President at J.P. Morgan, London, UK.

Eugen Feller (2009-2012), Autonomic and Energy-efficient Management of Large-scale Virtualized Data centers, now Staff Software Engineer at Stripe, CA, USA.

Pierre Riteau (2008-2011), Dynamic Execution Platforms over Federated Clouds, co-advised with Thierry Priol (Inria) now Senior Technical Lead at StackHPC, Rennes, France.

Jérôme Gallard (2007-2011), Flexibility in the management of distributed computing infrastructures, now, R&D engineer at Orange Business Services, France.

Thomas Ropars (2006-2009), Services and protocols for reliable application execution in large-scale dynamic Grids, now assistant-professor, Université Grenoble Alpes, France.

Boris Daix (2006-2009), Abstracting high performance computing systems to automate the deployment of dynamic applications, co-advised with Christian Perez (Inria), now  research engineer at EDF R&D, France.

Emmanuel Jeanvoine (2004-2007) Middleware for the efficient and reliable execution of distributed applications in dynamic and very large scale grids, co-advised with Jean-Yves Berthou (EDF), now HPC specialist at University of Lausanne, Switzerland.

Louis Rilling  (2002-2005)  Design of a fault tolerant data sharing service for cluster federations, now research engineer at DGA-MI, Rennes, France.

Pascal Gallard  (2001-2004) Design of a communication service for cluster distributed operating systems: implementation in Kerrighed single system image operating system, now Principal Technical Leader, Digital Factory at PwC, Paris, France.

Geoffroy Vallée (2000-2004) Design of an adaptive scheduler for global resource management in clusters: implementation in Kerrighed operating system, co-advised with Jean-Yves Berthou (EDF), now HPC architect at NVIDIA, USA.

Renaud Lottiaux (1998-2001) Global memory management in a cluster for a single system image operating system: implementation in Gobelins system, now R&D engineer, DGA-MI, Rennes, France.

Akhil Sahai (1996-1999) Design and implementation of a mobile network manager based on the mobile agent technology, co-advised with Michel Banâtre, now Chief Product Officer, Founding Member at, USA.

Stéphane Billiart (1995-1998) A uniform approach for heterogeneous system management, co-advised with Michel Banâtre, now system programmer at Rennaissance Technologies, LLC, New York, USA.

Anne-Marie Kermarrec (1993-1996) Replication for high availability and efficiency in a DSM system, co-advised with Michel Banâtre, now professor at EPFL, Switzerland.

Alain Gefflaut  (1991-1994) Design and evaluation of a highly available scalable shared memory multiprocessor, co-advised with Michel Banâtre, now engineering manager at Google, Seattle, Washington, USA.