Research Interests

  • Operating systems, distributed operating systems, distributed systems
  • Cluster computing,  Grid computing, Cloud computing, IoT
  • Fault tolerance, autonomic computing
  • Virtualisation, resource management
  • Security and privacy
  • Green computing

See Myriads team website & annual activity reports for more information.

On-going Research Projects

My current research activities are in the area of cloud computing with a focus on distributed cloud computing, security monitoring in clouds, SLA management, data processing in clouds and cloud-based IoT systems, and green cloud computing. I am currently involved in the following research projects:

DALHIS Inria associate team with the data science and technology department at LBL on data analysis on large-scale heterogeneous infrastructures for Science (French PI).

SESAME ANR ASTRID project on developing new big-data-oriented approaches to deliver novel solutions for the management, analysis and visualization of multi-source satellite data streams for maritime traffic surveillance (WP leader).

INDIC project funded by the Pole of Excellence Cyber (PEC) on integrating security monitoring terms in cloud SLAs.

DIFFUSE ADT technological development action on the development of a distributed framework for cloud-based epidemic simulation environments (collaboration with INRA – follow-up to the Mihmes ANR PIA2 project).

CityLab@Inria Inria Project Lab (IPL) studying ICT solutions toward smart cities that promote both social and environmental sustainability.

Collaboration with Nokia on security risk assessment in clouds

Collaboration with Thales on dynamic resource management in distributed cyber-physical systems

Former Research Projects

  • Contrail FP7 Integrated Project partially funded by the European Commission (October 2010 – January 2014) on cloud computing – coordinator (see final publishable report)
  • XtreemOS FP6 Integrated Project partially funded by the European Commission (June 2006 – September 2010)  on grid computing – scientific coordinator (see final publishable report)
  • Kerrighed Linux-based Single System Image cluster operating system (see papers)

See here my other past research projects.