I currently teach at University Rennes 1 (mainly for Master degree). I am mainly teaching algorithms for biological sequences in three teaching units for different publics (informaticians or bioinformaticians).

Before, I was involved in some teaching units about biological dynamical systems modeling and basic statitics with R. I organised bioinformatics training sessions for biologists (2009-2010). And during my PhD I was a temporary professor assistant (Monitorat) at the Engineer school INSA de Lyon (2005-2008).

Here are the subjects/lectures I am doing (or have done) :

Sequence algorithms in bioinformatics

(sequence and genome alignment, dynamic programming, Blast-like heuristics, NGS: kmer indexing, read mapping and de novo assembly)

Introduction to bioinformatics

(overwiew, databases, common tools)

  • For computer science master students ( M1 computer science of University Rennes 1) since 2017 (2h per year)
  • For biologist master students (Fifth year of "biochimie" section of INSA de Lyon) in 2008 (28 h)
  • For biologist engineers and researchers (cf. CBiB training page ) in 2009 and 2010 (20 h)
Modelling of biological dynamical systems

(systems of differential equations, boolean networks)

For bioinformatic licence and master students :
Mathematics (analysis and linear algebra)

For first year student of the engineering school INSA de Lyon (general cursus "prépa intégrée") in 2006 and 2007 (60 h per year)


For third year biologist students of university Rennes 1, practical sessions with the software R, 2013-2017 (12 h per year)

General public

Publication in pedagogy