I am always looking for passionate, skilled graduate students in the area of Computer Architecture, Low Power VLSI Design, Approximate Computing, or Computer Arithmetic. So, if you feel that your talents or motivations are exceptional, do not hesitate to contact me.

Available Positions (updated 10/2020)

Current PhD students

  • Yuxiang Xie, Efficient low-precision training for deep learning accelerators, Oct. 2020.
  • Cédric Gernigon, Highly compressed/quantized neural networks for FPGA on-board processing in Earth observation by satellite, Oct. 2020, co-supervised with S. Filip.
  • Thibault Allenet, Low-Cost Neural Network Algorithms and Implementations for Temporal Sequence Processing, Apr. 2019, co-supervised with O. Bichler and D. Briand (CEA List).
  • Davide Pala, Non-Volatile Processors for Intermittently-Powered Computing Systems, Jan. 2018, co-supervised with I. Miro-Panades (CEA Leti).
  • Van Phu Ha, Application-Level Tuning of Accuracy, Nov. 2017.

D. Pala and V.-P. Ha will defend in Spring 2021.

Former PhD Students

  • Joel Ortiz Sosa, Design of a Digital Baseband Transceiver for Wireless Network-on-Chip Architectures, Nov. 2020, co-supervised with C. Roland (Lab-STICC). Committee: D. Morche (R), O. Romain (R), N. Delimple, F. Petrot, J.P. Diguet, D. Chillet.
  • Mael Gueguen, Frequent Itemset Sampling of High Throughput Streams on FPGA Accelerators, Oct. 2020, co-supervised with A. Termier (Inria Lacodam). Committee: F. Petrot (R), M. Plantevit (R), L. Pierre, B. Negrevergne.
  • Rafail Psiakis, Performance Optimization Mechanisms for Fault-Resilient VLIW Processors, Dec. 2018, co-supervised with A. Kritikakou. Committee: A. Virazel (R), A. Bosio (R), S. Pillement, G. Keramidas. Now R&D Hardware Design Engineer at Secure-IC, Rennes.
  • Van-Dung Pham, Architectural Exploration of Network Interface for Energy Efficient 3D Optical Network-on-Chip, Dec. 2018, co-supervised with C. Killian and D. Chillet. Committee: V. Fresse (R), C. Tanougast (R), S. Niar, S. Le Beux. Now Research Eng. at Xlim Laboratory, Limoges.
  • Benjamin Barrois, Methods to Evaluate Accuracy-Energy Trade-Off in Operator-Level Approximate Computing, Dec. 2017. Committee: M. Duranton (R), A. Bosio (R), D. Menard, A. Tisserand, A. Molnos. Currently CTO and Co-Funder at Hiventive, Bordeaux.
  • Baptiste Roux, Methodology and Tools for Energy-aware Task Mapping on Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Architectures, Nov. 2017, co-supervised with M. Gautier. Committee: V. Fresse (R), F. Rousseau (R), B. Granado, L. Lagadec, J.-P. Delahaye. Now Digital Design Engineer at IC’ALPS, Grenoble.
  • Rengarajan Ragavan, Error Handling and Energy Estimation Framework For Error Resilient Near-Threshold Computing, Sep. 2017, co-supervised with C. Killian. Committee: E. Beigné (R), P. Girard (R), L. Anghel (P), D. Menard. Now Senior Lead Engineer at Qualcomm, Bengaluru, India.
  • Xuan-Chien Le, Improving Performance of Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring with Low-Cost Sensor Networks, Apr. 2017, co-supervised with B. Vrigneau. Committee: J.-F. Diouris (R), L. Clavier (R), S. Bacha (P), D. Menga, B. Leprettre, C. Langlais.
  • Florent Berthier, Design of an Ultra Low Power Processor for Wireless Sensor Networks, Dec. 2016, co-supervised with E. Beigné (CEA Leti). Committee: L. Lacassagne (R), P. Benoit (R), Ian O’Connor (P), J.-L. Nagel. Now Engineer at Semtech, Grenoble.
  • Christophe Huriaux, Enhanced FPGA Architecture and CAD Flow for Efficient Runtime Hardware Reconfiguration, Dec. 2015, co-supervised with A. Courtay. Committee: G. Lemieux (R), L. Torres (R), L. Anghel, P. Millet, R. Tessier. Currently Hardware and Embedded Systems R\&D Engineer at Digidia, Rennes.
  • Pramod Udupa, Low Complexity, Parallel Algorithms and Scalable Architectures for Real Time Coherent Optical OFDM Systems, June 2014, co-supervised with L. Bramerie (Foton). Committee: E. Boutillon (R), C. Jego (R), L. Bossuet, E. Pincemin, M. Jezequel. Now Staff Engineer/Researcher at Samsung Research, Bangalore.
  • Ganda-Stéphane Ouedraogo, Automatic Synthesis of Hardware Accelerators from High-Level Specifications of Physical Layer Waveform for Flexible Radio, Dec. 2014, co-supervised with M. Gautier. Committee: T. Risset (R), R. Pacalet (R), C. Moy, D. Noguet. Now Research Engineer at NestWave, Paris.
  • Matthieu Texier, Dynamic Parallelism Management in Multi-Core Architectures for Mobile Systems, Dec. 2014, co-supervised with R. David and K. Benchehida (CEA). Committee: F. Rousseau (R), A. Pegatoquet (R), J.P. Diguet, H.-P. Charles. Now Engineer Krono-Safe, Saclay, France.
  • Trong Nhan Le, Global Power Manager System for Self-Powered Autonomous Wireless Sensor Node, June 2014, co-supervised with O. Berder and A. Pégatoquet (U. Nice). Committee: J.F. Diouris (R), C.D. Pham (R), M. Magno, C. Bernier, J.P. Diguet. Now PostDoc U. Nice.
  • Amine Didioui, Energy-Aware Transceiver for Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks, Oct. 2014, co-supervised with C. Bernier (CEA LETI). Committee: D. Dallet (R), F. Mieyeville (R), S. Bourdel, R. Briand, R.M. Sauvage. Now Research Engineer at SEB R&D, Lyon, France.
  • Robin Bonamy, Power Consumption Modeling and Optimisation for Reconfigurable Platform, July 2013, co-supervised with D. Chillet and S. Bilavarn (LEAT, Nice). Committee: M. Renovell (R), C. Piguet (R), E. Senn, C. Jego. Now Research Engineer, CNRS, Nice.
  • Mahtab Alam, Power Aware Adaptive Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks, 26 Feb. 2013, co-supervised with D. Menard and O. Berder. Committee: E. Popovici (R), T. Risset (R), A. Pegatoquet. Now Research Scientist, Qatar Mobility Innovations Center. Now Research Scientist, Qatar Mobility Innovations Center.
  • Vivek Tovinakere Dwarakanath, Ultra-Low Power Reconfigurable Architectures for Controllers in Wireless Sensor Network Nodes, 12 Feb. 2013, co-supervised with S. Derrien. Committee: P. Girard (R), M. Belleville (R), J.P. Diguet, I. O’Connor. Now a Senior Architect in Nvidia, Bangalore.
  • Vinh Tran, Energy Optimisation of Cooperative Transmissions for Wireless Sensor Networks, Dec. 2012, co-supervised with O. Berder. Committee: J.M. Gorce (R), J.F. Diouris (R), L. Deneire, P. Mary. Now PostDoc, CEA Leti, Grenoble, France.
  • Karthick Parashar, System-level Approach for Implementation and Optimization of Signal Processing Applications into Fixed-Point Architectures, Dec. 2012, co-supervised with D. Menard. Committee: C. Carreras (R), C. Jego (R), F. Catthoor, A. Jerraya. Now Researcher, IMEC, Leuven, Belgique, formerly PostDoc, Imperial College, London, UK.
  • Antoine Eiche, Real-Time Scheduling for Heterogeneous and Reconfigurable Architectures using Neural Network Structures, Sep. 2012, co-supervised with D. Chillet and S. Pillement. Committee: O. Temam (R), Y. Trinquet (R), E. Martin, D. Demigny. Now Engineer, Mandriva, Paris, France.
  • Hai Nam Nguyen, Numerical Accuracy Optimization for Low-Power Embedded Systems, Dec. 2011, co-supervised with D. Menard. Committee: M. Jezequel (R), L. Fesquet (R), C. Moy, F. Horlin, D. Noguet. Now Engineer, Open Web Solutions, Paris, France.
  • Adeel Pasha, System-Level Synthesis of Ultra Low-Power Wireless Sensor Network Node Controllers: A Complete Design-Flow, Dec. 2010, co-supervised with S. Derrien. Committee: C. Piguet (R), F. Petrot (R), C. Belleudy, T. Risset. Now Assistant Professor at LUMS (Lahore Univ. of Management Sciences), School of Science and Engineering, Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Erwan Grace, Memory-Oriented Reconfigurable Embedded Architecture, oct. 2010, co-supervised with D. Chillet and R. David (CEA). Now with Alcatel-Lucent.
  • Tuan Duc Nguyen, Cooperative MIMO Strategies for Energy Constrained Wireless Sensor Networks, may 2009, co-supervised with O. Berder. Committee: JM. Gorce (R), JF. Diouris (R) E. Boutillon (P), M. Dohler. Now Assistant Professor at International University – Vietnam National Univ. – Hochiminh City.
  • Renaud Santoro, High-Rate True Random Number Generators with Guaranteed Quality, dec. 2009, co-supervised with S. Roy (Laval Univ., CA), cotutelle. Now with Alcatel-Lucent. Committee: B. Rouzeyre (R), R. Tessier (R) V. Fischer (P), P. Fortier.
  • Antoine Courtay, Power Consumption of On-Chip Interconnections: High-Level Estimation and Architecture-Level Optimizations, nov. 2008, co-supervised with J. Laurent (LESTER, Lorient). Now Assistant Professor at Univ. Rennes 1 (ENSSAT), formerly a PostDoc at Univ. Nice. Committee: M. Belleville (R), B. Rouzeyre (R) S. Piestrak (P), Y. Leduc.
  • Julien Lallet, Mozaïc: a Generic Platform for Modeling and Design of Dynamically Reconfigurable Architectures, nov. 2008, co-supervised with S. Pillement. Now with Alcatel-Lucent after a PostDoc at the Heinz Nixdorf Institut of Univ. Paderborn. Committee: L. Torres (R), B. Granado (R) S. Piestrak (P), L. Lagadec.
  • Mickael Cartron, Energy Optimization of Wireless Sensor Networks, dec. 2006. Now Researcher at CEA List Saclay. Committee: M. Auguin (R), J.F. Diouris (R), P. Garda.
  • Romuald Rocher, Accuracy and Range Evaluation of Fixed-Point Systems, dec. 2006, co-supervised with D. Menard. Now Assistant Professor at Univ. Rennes 1 (IUT de Lannion). Committee: J.M. Brossier (R), M. Bellanger(R), G. Demoment.

And also…

  • Faten Ben Abdallah, Étude et optimisation de l’interaction processeurs-architectures reconfigurables dynamiquement, 2009. Thèse en cotutelle avec l’ENI de Tunis. Actuellement maître assistant à l’ENISo (Tunisie). Jury: M. Paindavoine (R), R. Bouallegue (R), G. Gogniat.
  • Taofik Saïdi, Architectures pour les communications MIMO avec échantillonnage parallèle et adaptatif, 2008. Thèse en cotutelle avec l’Université Laval, Québec, Canada. Actuellement ingénieur chez Amesys. Jury: JL. Danger (R), JF. Frigon (R), P. Fortier.
  • Imène Benkermi, Système d’exploitation temps réel pour architectures parallèles reconfigurables hétérogènes, 2007. Ingénieur chez Valeo. Jury: B. Granado (R), J.P. Diguet (R), Y. Trinquet.
  • Nicolas Hervé, Méthodologie de conception des architectures reconfigurables en précision finie, 2007. Actuellement en Post-Doc à l’Université de Sao Paulo au Brésil. Jury: B. Rouzeyre (R), T. Risset (R), J.L. Philippe.
  • Ekué Kinvi-Boh, Architectures de systèmes intégrés en logique ternaire, soutenue en novembre 2006. Actuellement ingénieur dans une société de service. Jury: D. Etiemble (R), S. Piestrak (R), J.D Legat.
  • Stéphane Chevobbe, Unité de commande pour systèmes parallèles : contrôleur basé sur l’implémentation dynamique de réseaux de Pétri, 2005. Actuellement chercheur au CEA Saclay. Jury: M. Auguin (R), A. Mérigot (R), J.D Legat, D. Demigny.
  • Jean-Marc Philippe, Intégration des réseaux sur silicium : optimisation des performances des couches physique et liaison, 2005. Actuellement chercheur au CEA Saclay. Jury: G. Cambon (R), S. Roy (R), J.P. Diguet, C. Gamrat.
  • Raphaël David, Architecture reconfigurable dynamiquement pour applications mobiles, 2003. Actuellement chercheur au CEA Saclay. Jury: G. Cambon (R), D. Demigny (R), T. Collette, D. Lavenier.
  • Raofeng Yu, Estimation de haut niveau du placement et des interconnexions de circuits VLSI submicroniques, 2002. Actuellement ingénieur dans une société chinoise. Jury: A. Mérigot (R), S. Piestrak (R), E. Martin.
  • Alexandre Buisson, Implémentation efficace d’un codeur vidéo hiérarchique granulaire sur une architecture multi-pentium, 2002. Ingénieur chez Nextamp, Rennes. Jury: JM. Chassery (R), R. Prost (R), S. Pateux, P. Sainrat.
  • Daniel Ménard, Méthodologie de compilation d’algorithmes de traitement du signal en précision infinie pour les processeurs en virgule fixe, 2002. Actuellement MCF à l’ENSSAT, Lannion Jury: D. Demigny (R), T. Risset (R), E. Martin, P. Le Guernic.
  • Matthieu Denoual, Estimation au niveau architectural de la consommation des systèmes intégrés dédiés au traitement numérique du signal, 2001. Post-doc au LIMMS à Tokyo (Japon). Actuellement MCF à l’ENSICaen. Jury: B. Rouzeyre (R), C. Piguet (R), E. Martin, D. Lavenier.
  • Joseph Dedou, Synthèse architecturale des systèmes asynchrones, 2000. Ingénieur à Mitsubishi R&D Jury: A. Mérigot (R), S. Piestrak (R), E. Martin, J.D. Legat.
  • Jean-Gabriel Cousin, Méthodologie de conception de coeurs de processeurs spécifiques: mise en  oeuvre sous contraintes, estimation de la consommation, 1999. Actuellement MCF à l’INSA de Rennes. Jury: M. Auguin (R), J.L. Philippe (R), J.P. Calvez, S. Rajopadhye.
  • Daniel Chillet, Méthodologie de conception architecturale des mémoires pour circuits dédiés au traitement du signal temps réel, 1997. Actuellement MCF à l’ENSSAT, Lannion. Jury: F. Catthoor (R), J.P. Calvez (R), E. Martin, J.L. Philippe.
  • Jean-Philippe Diguet, Estimation de complexité et transformations d’algorithmes de traitement du signal pour la conception de circuits VLSI, 1996. Actuellement CR1 CNRS au LESTER, Lorient. Jury: Y. Sorel (R), P. Duhamel (R), M. Arndt.