[Feb 2017] Two ICIP papers submitted

Two papers have been submitted to ICIP 2017:

Authors: Navid Mahmoudian Bidgoli, Thomas Maugey, Aline Roumy
Title: Correlation Model Selection for interactive video communication
Abstract: Interactive video communication has been recently proposed for multi-view videos. In this scheme, the server has to store the views as compact as possible, while being able to transmit them independently to the users, who are allowed to navigate interactively among the views, hence requesting a subset of them. To achieve this goal, the compression must be done using a model-based coding in which the correlation between the predicted view generated on the user side and the original view has to be modeled by a statistical distribution. In this paper we propose a framework for lossless coding to select a model among a candidate set of models that incurs the lowest extra rate cost to the system. Moreover, in cases where the depth image is available, we provide a method to estimate the correlation model.

Authors: Xin Su, Mira Rizkallah, Thomas Maugey, Christine Guillemot
Title: Graph-based light fields representation and coding using geometry information (webpage)
Abstract: This paper describes a graph-based coding scheme for light fields (LF). It first adapts graph-based representations (GBR) to describe color and geometry information of LF. Graph connections describing scene geometry capture inter-view dependencies. They are used as the support of a weighted Graph Fourier Transform (wGFT) to encode disoccluded pixels. The quality of the LF reconstructed from the graph is enhanced by adding extra color information to the representation for a sub-set of sub-aperture images. Experiments show that the proposed scheme yields rate-distortion gains compared with HEVC based compression (directly compressing the LF as a video sequence by HEVC).