[Apr. 2015] New JVCIR soumission

Authors: Ana De Abreu, Laura Toni, Nikolaos Thomos, Thomas Maugey, Fernando Pereira, Pascal Frossard

Title: Optimal Layered Representation for Adaptive Interactive Multiview Video Streaming submitted for review to Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation (Elsevier)

Abstract: We consider an interactive multiview video streaming (IMVS) system where clients select their preferred viewpoint in a given navigation window. To provide high quality IMVS, many high quality views should be transmitted to the clients. However, this is not always possible due to the limited and heterogeneous capabilities of the clients. In this paper, we propose a novel adaptive IMVS solution based on a layered multiview representation where camera views are organized into layered subsets to match the different clients constraints. We formulate an optimization problem for the joint selection of the views subsets and their encoding rates. Then, we propose an optimal and a reduced computational complexity greedy algorithms, both based on dynamic-programming. Simulation results show the good performance of our novel algorithms compared to a baseline algorithm, proving that an effective IMVS adaptive solution should consider the scene content and the client capabilities and their preferences in navigation.