Teaching activity

  • Responsible for the ''Embedded Systems'' branch of the SISEA (Signal, Images, Embedded Systems and Control) Master by Research (M2R) of Univ. Rennes (until 2020).
  • Teaches mainly in the Electronics and Computer Engineering (SNUM) department of ENSSAT (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Sciences Appliquées et de Technologie), a graduate engineering school of the University of Rennes 1 and in the Master SISEA.
  • PSL-ITI (Paris Sciences & Lettres (PSL) Research University - Institute for Technology and Innovation), Innovative Technologies for Health program

This year (2023), I teach two courses at ENSSAT: VLSI Integrated Circuits Design Methodologies, and VHDL - a Hardware Description Language for Simulation and Logic Synthesis.

Keywords: VLSI Design, RTL and Logic Synthesis, High-Level Synthesis, System-on-Chip, Optimization of Embedded Software, Low-Power Digital Systems, Discrete Signal & Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Wireless Sensor Networks

Courses in Embedded Systems and SoC Design

  • VLSI Integrated Circuits Design Methodologies   (slides 2019)
    • 1. Introduction
    • 2. CMOS Integrated Circuit Technologies
    • 3. Design of CMOS Cells
    • 4. IC Design Methods
    • 5. Synchronous Design of IC
  • VHDL: a Hardware Description Language for Simulation and Logic Synthesis   (slides, appendix)
    • 1. Introduction: Why HDLs?
    • 2. Design Flow and Tools
    • 3. Basic Language Concepts
    • 4. Signal and Delay Models
    • 5. Modeling Digital Systems
    • 6. Concurrent and Sequential Processes
      • Process statement, process event behavior, signals vs. variables, timing behavior of processes
    • 7. Modeling Structures
      • Structural models, generics, the Generate statement
    • 8. Simulation and Validation
      • Concepts, writing testbenches, configurations
    • 9. RTL and Logic Synthesis
      • Writing style for logic synthesis, combinational logic, sequential logic, RTL and logic synthesis CAD algorithms
    • 10. Fil Rouge Example: FIR filter
  • Gestion intelligente de l’énergie: aspects matériels et logiciels

Wireless Body Sensor Networks for Healthcare Applications: Challenges in Energy Consumption

  • PSL-ITI, Innovative Technologies for Health program

Courses in Digital Signal Processing

Other Material (older)